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hey everyone im new! this post is for a test and also to let you know new caps are coming soon so stay tuned ;) !

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A Dream Come True

    James couldn't believe his luck. Right after work, Amanda, his long-time object of desire, practically jumped him and dragged him back to her place.
    Amanda's sudden forceful approach was a far cry from the timid office woman she usually was, which, at first, shocked James. However, as soon as she dropped on her knees and devoured his dick, his mind emptied. He did not care about her 180 shift in personality anymore. He did not care anymore that the shy and reserved Amanda ran her tongue along his shaft so greedily. When he looked into her eyes, he did not see his coworker anymore, but a cock hungry vixen choking on his meat rod.
    "Do you want me, James?" she cooed, sensually kissing his dick's twitching tip.
    Lost in lust and pleasure, James could only nod in reply.
    His little gesture satisfied her. She gently took his solid flagpole into her hand and led him to her bedroom. There, she playfully pushed James away while she suggestively crawled onto her bed on all fours. Sensual and hypnotizing, her full hips' sway entrapped Jame's every sense as he turned into a drooling mess for her.
    Arching her back and pulling down her pants, she looked back at the living statue, whispering softly, "Come here, James."
    As per her desire, his body walked over to her but halted just a hair length's away. His rock-solid dick -- so close to her wet entrance -- twitched and winced to be let in. Having felt the intense heat of his lust, she finally welcomed his throbbing rod inside her with the tight embrace of her pussy's lips.
    Soft moans and loud cries of pleasure alternate in the steamy room.
    "Jaaaaaames," she managed to slur in between the pounding she received, "Doooo you -- OH FUCK YES! THAT'S THE SPOT! -- Do you want me to stay?"
    Out of breath himself and unsure what she meant, he quickly replied, "Yeah! ...I love this," and went back to fucking her doggy style.
    Happy with his answer, she responded in kind by bouncing up and down his cock, shaking her enormous booty to his pleasure.
    "Then cum, James! Cum inside of me and make me your bitch!"
    Her pleas were the last push James needed. He exploded with overwhelming intensity, filling her up with his hot seed. However, she was insatiable. Still maintaining a tight grip around his dick, she squeezed him out of everything he had to give.
    "It's sealed now," she happily murmured, "Thank you, James."
    James, still as clueless as before, only smiled softly. He still couldn't believe that one of his biggest wishes actually came true. However, a dream was just a nightmare that ended too soon.

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DreamCostumes Blue Vixen

“Open your mouth” Sylvia said, looking at the woman on the bed. She just stayed still, and looked at her whimpering, on both knees pleading with her eyes. “Open it!” Slowly but surely, the blue hair girl did, just wondering how she got here. A wrong turn in life, a mistake of words in one moment, either way, she was here now. Wearing a costume that wouldn’t ever be taken off, according to what she was told.

The blue haired vixen was once a man by the name of Todd, who wasn’t always the best, but was not the worst. One day as he was at work, his ex-girlfriend texted him out of the blue, wondering if he wanted to go on a date with her or something, and just hang out. He was estatic, since he hadn’t seen her in maybe two years, with no reasoning at all from her end. Something in his heart still had a thing for her, so after work he headed over to her place, and then he couldn’t remember a thing.

The last thing he remembered was walking up to her door, with some pizza in his hand. A friend pizza, if you will. And then, he was in her room.

Everything about his body felt weird right from the get go as he began hazzily waking up, but he knew it was her room. The sights of her clothes and the smells of her shampoo were everywhere, but something else was right in front of him blocking it. Something blue. He reached up and moved it, before seeing his hand. It was his hand, but smaller, daintier, and covered in a slick velvet glove. His movements got quicker, his body noticing the extra weight but his brain not processing.

“Hey babe.” He looked across the room and saw his ex, Sylvia, standing with a stern look and some paper in her hand. “You sure do look pretty, don’t you?” “What am I wearing?” He asked, looking at the glove. “Try the rest of you sweetie.” And in that moment, he shuddered. Looking down, he saw too massive breasts hanging from his chest, leading all the way down to two massive thighs and an ass that wouldn’t quit underneath him, all clad in velvet customing, almost looking like a pink swimsuit. The hair fell in his face again, as he reached up and felt his breasts, his nipples gettign sensitive as they were grabbed. “Wh–” His voice sounding a bit higher. “Found this place called dream costumes that went out of business, and found an extra one from a guy that bought it but was too scared to use it. Rumor is it doesn’t ever come off, that’s your new body sweetheart. Just wait until the new voice sets in. And the drive for cock.” She smiles. He begins tugging at the breasts, feeling them smack back and not move at all, hurting even. He goes for the ass and the same thing happens, and then his hand drops to his crotch. He shudders, and lowers his hand, feeling it dripping wet and sensitive through a little slit only. “Why, why do this?” “Wanted to try it out. Plus, I need to get my other ex to sleep with you so he breaks up with his current girlfriend, and I get him.” He keeps tugging, tears streaming from his face. Quickly they go to his hair next, now deeply rotted and only hurting as he pulls on it.

Then he stops, as his girlfriend walks up to him, and slaps him, “You are going to do everything I say, or I will just throw you to the street looking like this.” She holds up a mirror, he gasps and grasps his face. “This is you know, and you have to accept it. Periods, pregnancy, and all. Now, open wide, I want to see if his cock will fit in your new little blue vixen mouth.”

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FACEApp Curse

I hope google translator helps you with translation

Алекс был обычным парнем которому особо не везло с девушкой, хотя сам выглядил неплохо на вид. Если быть откровенным он боялся знакомиться в жизни, поэтому знакомился лишь в интернете, проводя там много времени. Он пробовал составлять разные анкеты для знакомств, по разному разговаривать с девушками и т.д каждый день экспереметируя. Однажды в поисках программы для корректировки фото он наткнулся на приложение “Faceapp”. Одним из самых забавных вещей в приложении оказалось функция, которая меняет пол вашей фотографии на противоположный. Алексу очень понравилось его женские лица на фотографиях и он решил на этом не останавливаться и баловался дальше. Он вставил женскую версию своего лица под тело молодой фото модели для веселья. Его лицо идеально сочеталось с телом девушки, он даже подумал что он в полне вероятно мог выглядеть так в параллельной реальности. Получившийся результат Алекс решил отправить другу с ожидаемым вопросом: —Трахнул бы ее? Классно выглядит, согласись? Рон играл в overwatch когда ему пришло смс сообщение от его друга. Через десять минут Рон все же оторвался от игры и решил посмотреть, что прислал ему Алекс. Там было фото красивой длиноволосой брюнетки с третим размером груди. —Милое личико, я уверен моя сперма только украсила бы ее лицо :D - отправил он сообщение даже не подозревая, что на фото была женская версия Алекса. Мысли об этой девушки немного возбудили Рона и он снова начал быстро печатать сообщение Алексу : —Дай мне ссылку на ее инстаграмм! Я хочу с ней познакомиться Алекс жутко засмеялся от сообщения Рона, что даже впал в истерику и начал кататься по полу —Это я Рон, просто магия интернета творит чудеса Отправил ему ответное сообщение Алекс И лёг отдыхать на кровать. —Чувак ты серьёзно? Тогда это полный отстой, как после такого можно доверять людям… - Рон явно был расстроен произошедшем, ведь он уже был настроен писать этой девушке и знакомиться. —Лучше это была бы правда, я был бы рад если ты реально бы стал ее) -написал Рон в шутку и тоже отправился спать. —Хах, ага. Ладно да завтра! - отписался Алекс, Рону и отложил телефон. “Да хотя бы недельку на два побыть еюбыло бы забавно, я как раз давно не мацал не чьих сисек.. Эх.. “ - подумал про себя Алекс после чего резко провалился в сон.** Алекс проснулся от яркого света солнца который бил прямо ему в глаза. Нереворачиваясь на бок , что бы скрыться от солнечных лучей , он почувствовал тяжесть на своей груди Открыв глаза он не верит в происходящее смотря на свои новые сиськи. Поднявшись, его ноги кажутся слабыми, но он все же умудряется добежать до ванной, быстро умышись он все же осознает что это не сон и все что проиходит с ним правда. В зеркале он видет ту самую девушку, что он сделал вчера через свое приложение. Брюнетка с длинными волосами и упругой грудью с все ещё старыми чертами лица Алекса, но довольно женскими. Моментальная паника окутывает Алекса: Твою мать… Я же… Желание сбылось… Но я правда не хотел этого. Алекс пошёл к большому зеркалу в коридор, чтобы взглянуть на себя полностью,его грудь колыхалась от каждого движения, но он старался пока не обращать на это внимание. Подойдя к зеркалу он был очарован своей красотой. Я и правда красотка - сказал он своим новым тонким голосом. После чего в его дверь резко раздался резкий звонок. Рон с Алексом еще вчера договорились встретиться вместе и поиграть в PlayStation, все равно был карантин и особо не погуляешь поэтому такой досуг был приемлимый. Рон рано проснулся поэтому решил прийти к Алексу раньше положенного времени и за одно разбудить его. Подойдя к входной двери квартиры Алекса он начал громко в нее стучать —Просыпайся,чувак! И открой мне дверь!

Если вы хотите продолжение дайте мне знать! Я так же хочу ввести в эту историю интерактив также посоветуйте стоит ли это делать и в какой форме это будет удобно реализовать?

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Sharing with Mom

I’ve always had a close relationship with my Mom. She had split from my father when I was still an infant, and it had been basically just the two of us while I was growing up. I mean, besides the long line of boyfriends my Mom went through. She never really committed to long term relationships, so I never really got close with any of the men she’d bring home. I guess you could say she was kind of a slut, but she took no shame in it, and neither did I.

She was still a loving mother, and took good care of me. While she was promiscuous romantically and sexually, she kept that part of her life separate from her care of me. She had a good job, and was able to support both of through my youth, and except for the lack of a constant male parental figure my life wasn’t really that different than any other teenage boy. At least up until my senior year of high school, when I was diagnosed with Second Puberty. Mom was actually kin of excited, and tol me she was looking forward to introducing me to womanhood. When it turned out I had the Early Onset MILF variant, she was even more excited.

By the time my transformation was complete, Mom and I looked like we could practically be sisters. I’d been trying to embrace my new-found femininity and maturity, even growing my hair long, but I’d been having a difficult time. It was, after all, a lot to take in. Mom could tell I was struggling, so she decided to try a radical tactic: bring me into her love life.

And that’s how I found myself here: naked, side by side with my own mother, teasing the tip of her latest boyfriend’s (who happened to be the father of one of my friends, for added weirdness) cock with my tongue as my Mom tends to his balls. I’d certainly never have imagined this happening back when I was a teenage boy. But now, I’m looking forward to continuing to share these experiences with Mom.

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SecondPuberty EarlyOnsetMILF MILF mother mom son family

Time Mafia

It was a week before the election and Connor was feeling confident, he was ahead in the polls and it seemed like nothing could stop him from winning. The thing that bugged him was that his opponent didn’t even seem to be trying to get the vote.

He was sitting in his office working with papers.

“Mr. Clark, your interview for the personal assistant position is here.” His assistant Jordan said.

“Sure, let him…” He reached his hand towards the intercom and was paused by a sudden thought, “But I already have a PA.”

Confused, he hit the intercom button, “Jordan, I’m not interviewing anyone. Why would I want to hire a PA? I already have you.” The intercom buzzed back, “I know, Mr. Clark, it sounds ridiculous, but he says he has an interview with you it’s even written down on the schedule. I don’t remember writing it, but it is in my handwriting.”

There must’ve been a mistake, Connor lift the phone, “I don’t need another assistant. Cancel the interview.”

There was a slight pause and then Jordan replied, “I believe you may want to reconsider, Mr. Clark.”

“And why’s that?”

Jordan responded his voice sounded higher in pitch, “Well it’s just… I mean.. he’s really cute. Giggle.” Connor was shocked. He had never heard Jordan giggle or sound like some airhead.

“Listen Jo, I don’t care what he looks like. I’m not gonna hire a second PA. Send him away.” But the response didn’t come, “Jo?” It was the moment he realized something odd. He was talking to a PA that was fired weeks ago.

Sure he quickly realized what a ditz he had hired. He remembers the day Jerri was trying to seduce him to save her job. Needless to say she was fired sooner than she could say “Jack Robinson”, not that it was hard, given how dumb she was.

He looked at the range of paperwork on his desk that seemed bigger than it did just a couple of minutes ago, and sighed. “Things would be so much easier with an assistant,” he thought,

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. “Come in,” he announced.

The door opened slightly and a tall good-looking man entered. “Mr. Clark? I’m here for an interview about the personal assistant.”

“Please come in and have a seat.” He walked in with a strong and confident presence and sat opposite of him. Connor stood and walked towards a counter at the side of the room and poured himself some coffee, “Do you want anything to drink, Mister…?”

“Oh, no Connor,” replied the man, “I know it’s PA’s job to get coffee for the boss, but don’t get ahead of yourself, you don’t have the job yet.”

This statement confused Connor, as he turned and saw the man sitting in his chair. “What are you doing in my chair?” he asked furiously.

“Because I’m gonna be the one interviewing you.”

“You see, your business colleges think the politician career isn’t right up to your alley.”

“Business colleges? You mean those bastards? I knew they would play dirty.”

“Yes, and I’m about to help you avoid crossing them.” “Don’t do anything stupid. I can pay you twice the price!”

“No, Mr. Clark, I’m the man of a word. Besides I’m not sure you have enough money for it. You see, my agent went back in time to fix your father’s reports, so he was fired from every job he took. Making him a simple taxi driver eventually. As a result, you’ve lived a significantly less luxurious life. You’ve never went to a big university, so now you’re here to interview for the PA position.”

Connor furrowed his brow. He remembered getting ready for the interview, but why did he want a position as an assistant? He recalled his previous job. He was sitting uncomfortably in his poor-fitting suit.

“Hey, you! Get me some coffee!”

“Sure thing, Mr. Spenser,” Connor said with an uncertain smile. He’d showed so much potential, but here he was a 40 years old peon. Where had it all gone so wrong for him?

“What have you done to me?” Connor snapped back out of the trance of the new memories.

“I know it’s harsh, but work is work. It takes time until you completely catch up to the timeline shifts. Memories of your new life should start appearing soon. You’ll have conflicts at first. But as time flies you will embrace your new identity. But you know what, Connor, I’ll help you to start over.”

“You can?”

“Right now my agent is making so your parents can’t have a child at twenty. But their love is stronger. And they overcome this issue and give birth to you, just a little bit later, nearing their forties.”

Connor was shocked. In all his twenty-two… ten….two years working within the political field he had never seen anything like that. This young man had impressive power. Wait, he wasn’t that much younger than him, was he?

“Look, I’m grateful,” replied Connor, “It’s just that when you said you’d help me, I didn’t think you’d mean to mess up with my parents and make 20 years old again.”

The man looked back at him and smirked, “Well, that’s okay Mr. Clark.”

“Now I can start over, having twenty more years ahead, I’ll be able to run a career they could only dream of!”

“I’m afraid, we can’t have that, you would go after my reputation,” he had a look of slight disappointment typing something.

“What? Wait! No, no!”

“My agent will have to visit your parents that night you were conceived. They went to a nice restaurant on their twentieth anniversary. But what if their food was slightly different and the cook spiked it with something interesting.”

“Congratulations, it’s a girl!”

Connor opened his eyes to see who the hell this girl was, but, to his surprise, was greeted by two heaving mounds of flesh where his muscular chest had been moments earlier. A pair of erect nipples, which were much larger than he was used to, topped them. He focused his vision on the valley between his new assets.

“Stop!” he yelled as authoritatively as he could, but it came out as a breathy, feminine whisper. He tried again, this time with all of the energy and concentration his quivering body could manage, “Nooo, this is wrong. How, what… I am a boy!”

“A boy? Cynthia, why would Mr. Miller want to have a boy as PA, you surely heard about his weakness toward women.” He remembered hearing that he was a bit of a pervert, so he figured he’d dress little bit more daring. It would help him secure the position.

“Noo, You doing something to me again. I remember being the politician … Fuck you!”

“I’m sorry, Cynthia, but you’re going all the way,” As he looked up he found himself sitting on the other side of the desk.

“Ms. Clark, I’m going to interview you. I’d like to go over the information you provided.” “Okay.” “You said you were 20, is that correct?” “Yes.” “You’re want to work for Mr. Miller?” “I do.”

“For the level of education, you indicated you have a law degree certificate at Boston Community College?”

“No, I have a law degree from Boston University and a BA in political science, ”

He typed something again, as Connor’s eyes grew unfocused. Surely that wasn’t right?
After graduating high school he had gone to a four-year school… But the more he thought about it the more it sounded wrong. No, he had wanted to go to a four-year school, but his parents couldn’t afford it, not mention his academics that weren’t exactly up to it. Instead he got accepted at Community College and did their one year certificate.

“Are you alright, Ms. Clark?” the man asked with concern.

“Fuck you, you can’t take away my education, I worked my ass off for eight years to become a lawyer!”

“So you’re haven’t been to Community College?” “No, I haven’t!”

“Okay, If you say you never went to college, I have no right to doubt it,” he said with an eerie smile.

“Wait, that’s not what I… “

“My bad, how can I even expect you to finish anything but highschool.”

As he typed something, a warm feeling started in Connor’s head. “Your mother raised you to be her smart studious girl, but my agent is already making your father to meet Krystal. While your mom left for a few days, Krystal sits in his taxi. It’s a sparkle. Love has its ways.”

“You’re waking up to the sound of muffled moans. Is your mom came home sooner? I doubt that she could come a day before. But my agent is there to help her. Her unexpected return will result in a quick divorce. And even faster wedding of your dad and Krystal.”

Synthia was a little surprised by those words. ‘Dad had a second wife’? She desperately tried to recall memories of her mom, she realized she left them as soon she caught her dad’s cheating.

NO! For the first time, she must resist… She didn’t want to forget her mom - the woman who was always there for her, who had taught her how to pay attention to her studies, taught her to never spoils her hair with paint dye nor her face with makeup.

Who always knew exactly what to say to cheer her up. She tried to remember more about her, but she felt like the memories were drifting away like sand on the wind. She summoned all the will she could to stop this… process, whatever it was. She became dimly aware that it had taken other things from her, but nothing was as important as this.

As she thought this, she found it! A memory of a beautiful woman with blonde hair tucking her into bed.

The woman kissed her on the forehead, sat down on the bed, pulled out a book, no, a magazine and began reading.

Krystal was the best stepmom she could wish. She not only let her do makeup, but taught her the techniques, later she let her dye her hair the same platinum blonde as her. And helped her to do the right choice on quitting the school.

“No, no, no! My mom!” she screamed inside herself. More parts of the memory were disappearing. It faded and faded and faded until…

“Cindy, I think we can stop here. I’m going to need to make a quick call. Please excuse me for a second.”

“You’re gonna call them aren’t you? To tell them you’ve turned me into a school dropout?”

“I’m impressed, Ms. Clark. Your deviation is something to be proud of. You could make a career. But unfortunately for you, I have to finish my job.”

“You already ruined me, what is there to lose?”

“My agent is spiking your food throughout your teens with a monstrous dose of estrogen.”

Slowly and with a strange stretching noise she couldn’t quite place, Cindy’s tits began ballooning outward, quickly surpassing the perky size she’d had in high school, continuing far past the normal range of what would be considered decent in a top this skimpy.

As the fabric began to pull and her straps started digging into her shoulders, Cindy gasped and began feeling pleasure like she couldn’t remember. Her knees weakened and she nearly buckled to the floor. Then, quite abruptly, the world seemed to return to life around her.

“Oooohhh….” Cindy groaned. She looked down at the largest tits she’d ever imagined, her hands coming up and tweaking nipples that looked like fingers trying to pop free above the obscenely small tank top.

As she rubbed, everything came back to her. How she’d had a very sudden growth spurt throughout college, how every month she was buying new bras and how eventually she’d simply given up wearing them. She remembered all the guys she fucked, how they constantly called her tits nicknames, and just loved spraying their seed all over them.

“Thanks to my agents, your dyes and make up were full of chemicals to slow the cognition down , sinking through the skin, getting to your bloodstream.”

“Noo.” She recalled how many times she used to dye her hair blonde, literally making herself a “dumb blonde” and now it all came crashing her like a train. She was Cindi Clark, 20 year old girl, barely out of high school in Boston. She was known throughout the school as the high school slut. She has sucked and fucked pretty much every guy worth sucking and fucking in the school, including half the staff.

She was never good at studying, but she hasn’t counted on her education for the future.

She ran her tongue across her plump lips and smiled at the man. “So what … um…were we talking about?” she asked, her mind was lost in thoughts of his cock.

“Now tell me,” he said, looking her over, “Why do you want this position?”

She thought long and hard before replying.

The man laughed and added, “Synthia…?”

“Cindi,” she interjected. She looked up at the man with an oddly confused expression on her face. “I’m sure you’re aware of dominance in the adult film industry.”

Cindi shook her head once more causing her luscious blonde hair to move about wildly.

“No?” he responded, “That’s surprising. I figured that you were here to interview for a position in that business.” The girl’s eyes grew wide and she spoke up, “No sir, I don’t want…like … a job in porn!”

“Are you sure?” he replied, “I could have sworn that you would be here for that position. We’re always looking for new, young talent. Don’t you like fucking? Wouldn’t you like to be paid for it?”

Cindi was reminded of her wet pussy and remembered just how many guys she had fucked in her few years of sexuality. “Besides, with the way you’re dressed I just assumed that you were here for an audition.”

She analyzed her outfit. It was true. She did look like a porn star. Her tight blouse did everything it could to emphasize her large, pert tits and her tiny black skirt hardly covered her ass. Even her stocking-covered legs were put on display by her five-inch pumps.

“Especially with those tits,” he continued, “They practically look like they were made for porn!” He typed something.

“Oh, no sir! These are…. fake?” replied the confused girl, as memories of surgeries occupied her tiny head, while her boobs swelled with silicone.

“Yes, father didn’t want his daughter to be a slut, so you had to change your surname. “

“Cindi Starz.” She moaned at the memories of her younger self, starting to doing cam shows for some easy money, which turned out to be very lucrative, as pervy young men always wanted to look at her big titties.

“Noo, please. Don’t make me a dumb porn slut.”

The man was impressed by the will power of Connor Clark. He knew he would break him sooner or later, but he wasted too much on him, so he decided to act. Suddenly he grabbed her hips with a pair of strong hands and spun her around. She tried to fight, as one of his hands slid under her obnoxiously short skirt and stroked the thin fabric that covered her wet pussy.

“Wow, you’re a really hot slut, aren’t you?” stated the man.

Cindi couldn’t do anything but moan as his hand found her clit. The feeling was amazing, even through the barrier of her panties.

“You’re like a bitch in heat! Are you sure you don’t want to fuck for a living? Your cute ass could make millions.” He emphasized his statement with a firm slap on her butt.

The blonde didn’t want to think about it, but the sensation in her pussy, feeling like this, for a living started to become very enticing. His other hand started sliding her panties off her hips and past her butt.

“I mean, just think about the possibilities,” he said as her slid a finger between her pussy lips, “You’d be paid to have sex,” He inserted his finger into her wet cunt to emphasize his offer.

Cindi cupped a tit with her right hand as she leaned on the desk with her left. The feelings were so intense and she knew that fucking was what she was meant to do.

“Yes…” she replied weakly.

“Yes, what?” he asked and he wiggled his finger inside of her.

Cindi moaned, but managed to answer, “Yes, I want to work in porn.” She gasped as he slid a second finger into her tight pussy.

“That’s what I like to hear,” he replied and he pulled his fingers from her dripping cunt, “But I can’t just give a job to everyone. You’ll need to audition.” She turned around and looked at him with a hurt expression on her face.

“Starting now,” he continued, “Show me how badly you want to work as porn star by giving me a blowjob.”

Cindi didn’t hesitate to obey. She dropped to her knees and brushed her long blonde hair out of the way as she fished his large cock out of his slacks. As his dick sprang into view, she felt an overwhelming need to have it, to taste it.

He smiled down at her as she swallowed his cock.

“You know,” he said as her head bobbed in his lap, “I have another girl who started not too long ago. I think you two would get along really well… You could encourage each other as you learn the ropes, maybe even star in a few scenes together. How does that sound?”

Cindi couldn’t answer as she continued sucking his delicious cock for all it was worth. The man must have taken her silence for consent because he said,

“Her name’s Jerri. I think you’ll really like her.”

Cindi felt like she already knew a Jerri, but she couldn’t place the name. In any case, she was already excited to meet her new friend and even more eager to start shooting scenes.

The blondie really hoped that he’d employ her. She couldn’t blow the opportunity in front of her.

The End

Take a look at my patreon page, you’ll love it

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My Girlfriend's Mom

I guess my aim was off when I read the spell, wasn’t it?

All I wanted was for my girlfriend Dakota to love me again. Now she loves me in a different way. A more natural and fitting way, I think. I’m glad she found someone new. Her new boyfriend Brian is a nice boy and quarterback of the football team. I bet he fucks her so well.

I read breasts are an evolutionary signal about a woman’s fertility and ability to store fat for pregnancy. Some scientists postulate that because breasts sometimes get in women’s way, they developed in relation to an evolutionary theory they call a “handicap principle.” According to this theory, heavy breasts honestly announce a woman’s genetic health, but at a cost of her carrying them around. They are ornamental, to draw the interest of a potential mate.

Dakota’s mom’s breasts are nice aren’t they. I don’t find them too difficult to carry around. The claw like nails were my ideas. Perhaps an extention of the handicap principle. I just noticed they make my hands look so nice, even if it’s at the expense of being able to handle everything.

But I think I’ve learned to handle things pretty well, considering.

I’ve learned gets harder when I get him ready with my mouth first. Naturally, I oblige.

I feel so high all of the time. This body is too much for me. But sucking Dakota’s step dad’s cock makes me so wet and ready for him, how could I stop. Also I get to see my nails at work. It’s win win. It gets me so hot to think I’m a woman like Dakota now. Even hotter that she calls me mom.

I scream like her. I want cock like her. Even more, we are trying. That’s right. Dakota is an only child. Before my eggs give out, I think she needs to be a big sister, doesn’t she?

I guess my aim was off when I read the spell, wasn’t it?

Luckily her step dad’s aim isn’t off.

Oh, shit. There’s so much of him.

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2020-07-10 22:21:06 +0200
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Dad's Workout

“Dad what are you doing?” I asked seeing my father on the lawn.

“Just some Yoga, my trainer said doing it outside will be good for me.” He said bending over and laying out a mat, his butt sticking bad.

“R-Right.” I blushed a bit.

For the last couple months my dad had been attending a new gym in town, at first every thing was fine but soon he was chanign into different clothes to “Avoid chafing.” taking lots os supplements and changing, his body wasn’t getting more toned, if anything it was getting softer especially around his waist and chest. Whenever I brought this up he just dismissed me and said his trainer told him he might have swelling or irritation, he said that his new clothes were reccomended by the gym shop even when they looked like yoga pants or sports bras.

He seemed totally oblivious to the fact he looked like a woman, a sexy one at that.

At first I was concerned but…

“Hmm…” he bent over into a pose, sticking his butt back and taking a breath “Haa.”

I kinda just got over it, I could learn to appreciate it. Though there is the problem of him insisting I come work out with him.

ID: 31662
2020-07-10 23:54:12 +0200
M2F TGGym Ass Yoga Dad

Alexa XIV

Field hockey was unlike any sport I had ever played. It had interesting rules, for sure. Can’t pick my stick above my waist, can’t send the ball into the air. I saw my teammate jostling for the ball with an opponent and sprinted in to help… only to be called for a foul! It would take some getting used to, but I had so much fun! My new teammates were really sweet, too, helping me figure myself out over and over. One thing I definitely wasn’t used to was how hard it was to keep my breasts in place. The sports bra I wore seemed sturdy enough until I started running. I was easily the most well endowed girl on the team so they couldn’t help me much in that department. Competing was such a rush, I can’t believe I hadn’t tried this before.

One of the girls, Terri, asked if I wanted to hang out after practice but I was forced to admit I had to get ready for my date with Alex. The team thought that was hilarious and there was lots of teasing about it. I felt like I was one of them already and, to be honest, it made me want to cry. I also got some great loner equipment so I wouldn’t be the only girl without something to bring to practice. I went home with a new bag and the slowly rising tension of anticipating my second date with Alex.

I stood in front of the mirror after my shower, running my hands through my hair, considering how to make myself up. I knew: I’d let my long, black hair down, let the whole length shimmer and sway around me. I got my makeup done, noticeable but natural. Actually, what boys would consider natural. Now, clothes. I chose something Lyla had bought for me: a tan dress that was perfectly revealing and very short. I stood in front of my mirror and looked myself over. In all honesty, it looked like I was down for sex. Well… Maybe I was.

Alex picked me right on time. He looked nice, although I was a little overdressed. He kissed me as I got in the car. “Wow, you look incredible,” he said. I blushed and a smile crept across my face. First stop was dinner. We barely ate because we couldn’t stop talking. I couldn’t believe how much we had in common. I was worried that the first date was a fluke and tonight we would fizzle out, but things got really deep. He told me he wanted kids someday and how he wanted to work at his dad’s finance firm. He told me about his family and his hobbies. Before I knew it there was dessert on the table! I couldn’t believe how easy it felt. He was so cute, and considerate, and I didn’t want dinner to end.

Of course, it had to end eventually. Alex started to drive me home, his hand on my thigh. I squirmed closer to him, as best I could, puffing out my chest to entice him. He pulled up by my house and we looked at each other. Neither of us said anything, staring in each other’s eyes. The moment grew longer and longer, nobody making a move. When it was almost unbearable, he smiled and leaned in. I met him, our lips pressing together softly. For a moment we were still, until his hand crept up my neck to my cheek. With a short breath we slipped into a real, deep kiss. I could feel his desire for me in his lips, slow and methodical, like he was memorizing every soft curve of my lips. My eyes were shut tight against him, my hand slowly moving to his leg. It jumped when I touched him, surprised, but our kiss deepened more. We were making out, hot and heavy, steaming the inside of his little car.

We parted, eyes locked. “Will, I, uh, see you tomorrow?” He asked, voice quivering just a little. I gave him directions to my room. There’s a great tree for sneaking in and out by the window. “You can see me in fifteen minutes,” I teased.

I sprinted to my room, locking the door in a tizzy. I held my back against it, looking frantically at all the stuff I had to tidy. I dashed around, tossing crap and clothes under my bed. There wasn’t enough time for everything, it just has to be presentable. Books, shoes, more books; all under the bed. How much time? 3 minutes left? “Fuck,” I swore aloud. Just enough time to check my makeup. One minute. I unlocked the window and jumped into bed, trying to lay as seductively as possible.

Tap, tap. He was here, clinging to a tree branch just outside. I waved him in, the anxiety building in my gut. It was pretty obvious what we were going to do, wasn’t it? He stepped in quietly, hunched over for silence. He slipped onto the bed, facing me. It only took a moment. He kissed me, so gently, squirming up against me. A felt an exhale escape my mouth as I sunk into his kiss. His tongue teased at mine as the heat slowly built up again. The anxiety slowly melted away as he shifted closer and closer, every so carefully rolling me underneath him. His leg snakes around mine, pinning me to my bed. My hands are around his neck, keeping him in tight. I can feel the slightest grind against me, driving me wild. It’s finally going to be real. He kissed my neck, briefly leaving my lips begging for more. He was grinding against me in earnest now, the heat between us almost unbearable. I fumbled with his belt as he leaned back, towering over me, exposing my huge breasts with an adorable grin. He played with them, gently at first but with increasing passion, teasing my nipples until they’re rock hard in the chill air. I finally get his jeans down far enough to see his…

Holy shit. Holy fuck He isn’t as long as Dylan, I can tell from a look, but wow is he thick. So thick. Throbbing already. I give Alex a look, telling him I’m ready. He already has my legs spread, his hand teasing at my soaking underwear. He slips his jeans away, leaning over me, his shadow covering me completely. He braced his hands beside me, my tits falling from his grasp to my side. Oh, fuck, this is it. He teased my entrance, throbbing with heat between my wet folds. “Alex…” I moan. He groans with heat and slides his big cock inside me.

I had imagined this moment and thought it would be extreme pleasure. Instead it kind of hurt. Alex didn’t notice, his eyes practically rolling back in his head as he pushed every hard inch of himself inside me. I winced, a new sensation burning inside me. It hurt. I didn’t know if it was his girth or my inexperience, but it didn’t matter. It wasn’t so bad I wanted him to stop, especially with his clearly hot for me he was. His thrusts were slow, gentle, his whole body tense on top of me. His eyes wandered over my bouncing body. I was having sex. Finally.

I was fucking. It felt good to say in my head, the culmination of all my stress and tears from my transformation. Slowly, every so slowly, it started to feel good. He wasn’t as gentle now, ramping up his intensity as he filled my aching pussy again and again. He was struggling to stay quiet. I could feel my pussy splashing for him, squeezing so tight around his thick cock. I held his hips tightly, my legs wrapped around him. I knew he wouldn’t be able to pull out but I didn’t care. It finally felt good. We both panicked as he thrusted so hard his hips slapped, loud, against me. In a moment he was over the fear, clapping my cheeks hard and fast. I couldn’t get enough. I prayed nobody heard us. I reached between my legs so I could feel his big cock fucking me. It drove me wild.

I came, hard and fast, a quick gush of my fluids out of nowhere. My back arched as it slowly overwhelmed me, legs quivering around Alex. Alex. Alex. I felt his name echo in my skull as he thrusted harder and harder. I could smell the sex now, stinging my nostrils as he completely lost control. He was fucking me so hard… so fast…. Alex fell into me suddenly, lips finding mine. I felt him tremble and throb deep in me and I kissed him hard as he came. The sudden flush of semen was thick and obvious inside me. He squirmed on top of me, groping my ass as he just kept cumming. How could there be so much?

“Fuck,” he groaned. I held him against me as his breathing slowed. There was a bump downstairs. We both panicked. He jumped off the bed, rummaging for his pants. I pulled the covers over me, pretending to sleep. The bumps were getting closer. Alex had to go. He kissed me quickly, risking a last second, and then he practically dove out the window. Someone was at my door. They were still for a moment and then, after an eternity, they retreated. A long sigh of relief followed.

“Wow,” I said aloud. He was oozing out of me. I needed to clean up. Just a quick check of my phone… Lyla has messaged me. Btw we’re going to the beach this weekend

Wow! A lot going on with Alexa! How does she feel about the big change? Is Alex the one? Comment away! Also, get pumped for… that’s right… the beach episode!

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Interactive CYOA Alexa sex creampie SecondPuberty missionary bigtits

Stranger in the Night

I woke up to the sound of my wife moaning in bed next to me. I released a gentle yawn and slowly turned to my right to see what the commotion was. My mouth hangs open in surprise as I spot a stranger standing over our bed, aggressively groping my wife’s tits. She just stares back at him, smiling as she continues to moan in pleasure.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing?” I cried out as I started to climb out of bed. The man turned to look at me, continuing to fondle my wife’s breasts.

“Just lie back down. I’ll be with you in a second,” the stranger said. I felt myself dropping back onto the bed. I was suddenly unable to move. “OK, orgasm now, Babe. Then go to sleep,” The stranger told my wife. She squealed loudly as a powerful orgasm rocked her body, causing her to writhe in ecstasy. As the pleasure began to fade, she closed her eyes and sunk into her pillow, suddenly fast asleep. The stranger made his way to my side of the bed.

“Thanks for being patient,” he teased. “Now you can turn into a cute little blonde girl with some perky tits.” I immediately felt myself beginning to change. My entire body shrunk down, becoming slim and petite. Blonde hair spilled from my head as my face became pretty and feminine. The stranger tore open my newly transformed night shirt to reveal a perky set of tits rising from my chest. A strangely pleasurable sensation emanated from between my legs as my penis slowly slipped inside my body, inverting into a vagina. The stranger knelt over me as my transformation finished and slid down his pants, leaving me stuck staring at his large, throbbing cock.

“You see this?” the stranger asked, pointing down to his penis. “You desperately want to suck it.” Suddenly, I could of nothing other than his captivating cock. Without even hesitating, I placed a hand gently around the shaft and slid his cock into my mouth. The taste was delicious. I eagerly sucked the tip, loving the warmth it spread. The stranger groaned as I slid my lips across the entire shaft.

“Let’s fuck now,” the stranger said between grunts. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to undress as I slipped my panties off and opened my legs wide. The stranger lied down next to me on the bed and slipped his erect dick into my damp pussy. I started to moan as waves of pleasure rushed through me. I tried calling out to my wife as the stranger pounded me over and over, but she remained fast asleep, completely unfazed by the loud noises next to her.

The pleasure was growing overwhelming. I stared deeply into the stranger’s eyes as he brought me to edge, causing me to squeal in ecstasy as I was brought to orgasm. The stranger continued to slide his cock in and out of my soaked pussy, allowing the pleasure to continue to build. Before long, I was cumming again, and again, and again, lost in a sea of wonderful bliss.

Finally, the stranger grunted loudly as he was brought to orgasm. He pulled his dick from my velvety lips and came all over my lower stomach.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered as I moaned in happiness.

The stranger stood up and quickly slipped his clothes back on. He leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips.

“Now go to sleep,” he whispered into my ear. “And when you wake up tomorrow you’ll believe you’re your wife’s daughter. A pang of fear shot through me as I heard this, but I was already beginning to feel very sleepy. I desperately tried to shake myself awake, to remember everything about my life, but the moment my head sunk into the pillow I was out like a light.

The next morning, I would wake up as a young woman in my mom’s bed, wondering why we were both naked and covered in a strange, sticky substance.

BMT Captions

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New technology

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Storied Stories

Checking the date on my last caption, I realized it’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve written one. Inspiration never struck I guess, I didn’t really think about it when I was writing… How was I coming up with my stories? I went through some pics on my phone; “Hey!”

Pool partying

It felt so weird gripping my hip, my stomach was so flat; it was a very alien feeling. And it turned me on; Cameron had made me straight, so I was craving some dick. The guys… # - That’s not going anywhere… I went through some more of my pictures, skimming through random sites I’ve used in the past. “Oh, this one could have a nice hook”

The Sexrapist’s Newest Client

I had woken up this morning staring into a mirror, fixing my boobs up. Apparently I had just shown up at my office, my first client was here to see their therapist; me. I instinctively knew the appointment was set to start in 2 minutes. I calmly walked out of the bathroom, totally against my will. I was trying hard as I could to not walk, feeling much more graceful than ever before. I sat down and looked toward the door as my first client walked in, and felt fluttering in my lower belly. He was so hot! I started kissing him as soon as he closed the door, I slammed him into the couch and sat in my seat; I didn’t believe in desks, they were very imposing. # - What the fuck is that desk shit about? I had it and lost it, damn! I’m not really feeling that gif anymore… I scratched my arm as I tapped through some stories on Snapchat.

“Oh shit”


As my hair grew it out, the color caught my eye. I felt my intelligence ooze out of my brain, coloring my hair a deep sexy orange. I thought it was really weird when a random dude starting sucking on my nipple a few minutes ago, he was the only person besides me at the beach today, too… I looked down now and I would say that probably a C cup had developed. I shrieked, as he popped off my booby, the suction felt incredible!! I begged the man to go for my other nipple, the amount of pleasure coming from my new tit made the other half of my chest feel numb. The guy smirked, got on his knees and started sucking. I played with my new boob, I couldn’t keep my hands off. The nipple popped up when his he started sucking my dick, and I could feel the light breeze heavy on them. My balls were already turning into ovaries when I came in his mouth. He swallowed all of it, refreshed, saying something about how it made him all the more powerful. I jumped him and forced the flat half of my chest toward his open mouth. He sucked and I could feel both breasts inflating, my already grown titty was being man handled and it was making me wet. # - This is feeling a little too gay for my taste, I’m losing my hard on. Hmm… I’m thinking yoga pants

A Real Workout

“Don’t use this treadmill, I heard it’s cursed and I’ve never seen anyone at the gym use it, ever.” “Eh, how bad could it be? I’ll prove to you it’s fine.” I got in the treadmill and turned it on, my shorts immediately became skintight. “Fuck” I couldn’t get off the machine, as it started up I could feel my shirt change too. I started walking and my legs felt, well, sensuous. I looked down and was shocked, my legs and ass were sexy. I had a chicks bottom; with a dick!! Which was hard and and fully erect, clearly showing in the stretchy yoga pants. My shirt was now pretty much just a push-up bra, and, umm # - Damn, I don’t know why I can’t finish a story, this is ridiculous I was gonna have to get more graphic, porn hub always has viable shit…

Milky titties

“Don’t drink’? Well they warned me…”, Frank joked as he pulled the bottle out of the fridge. The second it hit his lips he had to tilt the bottle up more, this was the best milk ever and he needed more. No other thoughts went through his head as he guzzled the entire half gallon bottle. He couldn’t concern himself with his new cleavage, and toned body; all that went through his mind was more milk. He finished the bottle and let out a sexy moan of disappointment, the sound waves hit boys’ ears miles away and they got turned on not even ever hearing the actual sound. Thousands drew together towards my location, and Frank could feel them coming. Frank frantically scanned the label in the bottle for the brand so I could get more, He could feel the guys coming, but didn’t give a fuck. Out of nowhere he gave the label a hearty lick and three letters appeared: C, U, M.

“OMG!!! The “milk” was really just cum? Bring on the guys!” Frank’s roommate came around the corner stark naked, his-


Wait, is that the first mention of the roommate? Ugh I can’t re-edit that whole thing, it’s too crazy. NEXT. I’m not really feeling these gifs in pornhub, are there any other sites with these types of gifs? There’s gotta be… Oo I’m gonna pretend to be that chick with the ass I think…


My girlfriend just told me she’s gay, and I couldn’t believe it. No girl had ever ridden my dick like she would, it was like she needed me near her whenever she was horny. And that happened a lot; come to think of it, she was rarely not horny. I was always ready to give it to her, especially cuz of how amazing she was in bed. I always thought she just loved me, and my dick. “I got over some rough times recently and could only come to grips with my sexuality now, I hope you could understand.” “Is there anything I could do?? I love you, I dont want you to leave me!” I must’ve really cared, cuz energy in the universe shifted, shifting me. The best body high I had ever felt ran through my body as I shrank to under four feet tall. I giggled as my ass plumped out, and it didn’t stop. My legs slimmed down and my chest lifted, like I was being held by a big man. I moaned as my chest became boobs, my bare nipples perked up and I was released. My ass was still growing! My naked body was now covered in tight clothes, and I came down from my high with my girlfriends tongue in my mouth and hand groping my puffy, still expanding ass. My hair grew out and bleached blonde, my panties were wet and I was ready to fuck.


I can’t transition into the actually fucking, i don’t know what I’m doing differently now than I did previously…


I turned around to see a man covered in glass, had he jumped through my window? “You’re not the guy that cut me off yesterday! Whatever, I’m horny, so you’ll have to do… I wanna see a nice ass”

What the hell?! My ass became feminine, then inflated, and has been getting juicier and rounder, seeming to be with no intention to stop. I tried running away, but my ass didn’t want to, so I strutted sexily away from the man. I couldn’t make a sound, I think I was having a panic attack! “I love how much you love your body, it constantly changes and you’re proud of that. Your beautiful face gives away your thoughts, I know you’ve been adoring me from afar. I appreciate you trying to make your body sexy for me, but don’t be shy, i know you’re infatuated with giant naughty parts, aren’t you?

“Yeah I mean these are pretty big, but I’m all about huge! I wanna stick out, you know?” I changed my hair color to red and got hard, my fuck was still there and it loved redheads…

“There’s only one way to solve that problem”, the stranger said, eyeing my boner. He grabbed me and bent me over, I could feel my asshole expanded, probably from his magic. “O my gawd” It felt amazing being penetrated, my dick sucked in instantly, and my pussy was gushing from all the sensation. This must be what girls go on about with their orgasms, this was amazing! “Now show me what you’re all about!” The stranger was lying on the bed, ready. I slid onto his hard cock and put his hands on my breasts. ”Squeeze harder than you ever have, it can’t be too hard”, I giggled winking. I grew out my tits till I lost concentration, the stranger was pumping inand out of me and it felt too good to ignore My ass was still growing and I could feel the stranger grow even bigger inside me. “I’m gonna keep growing inside you, and that ass is never gonna stop growing, and you want nothing more.” I filled with joy as my ass grew even larger, I was so proud of it, I couldn’t stop giggling; master just told me I could only address him or think of him as master. What a charmer!! Lol

ID: 31664
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Turned Curvy

“Alright, change me back”, Greg has turned me into a woman. At first I went along with the joke thinking it was funny, but he was groping me now and it wasn’t funny anymore. “I’ll definitely change you baby”, Greg was on a power trip with that remote! I was an average looking chick, not what anyone would really even consider pretty. That was, until Greg played around with the remote some more… My tits swelled quickly, filling the bikini I was wearing and then breaking it. My hobbies were huge! Boobies? Like why did I call them that? I stared blankly ahead, feeling all my knowledge leave my brain. It felt so good! Like my brain was orgasming, my past experiences and self being the cum. My ass got much larger, and my bikini bottom couldn’t handle it anymore. I felt it swell as Greg had my outfit changed, I sat back, still being lifted as my ass grew more. I was so thick now it looked like my stomach had toned down, but I was just so much bigger now. “And all you’ll think about is sex” Greg looked really proud. You’re right sugarfoot, didn’t you call me baby before? Show me who’s daddy, I’ve been a naughty girl”, I got my tits out while making a jerking motion. “That’s great, but I could amp it up, so why not?” Greg cranked the remote, and I felt a blast of ecstasy in my pussy. I ducked my finger, moaning uncontrollably and begging for sex.

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2020-07-12 06:33:59 +0200
Remote babe lingerie boobs bigtits bikini bimbo redhead jiggle ass control mind mindalteration thick orgasm speech

TGActive My life now, My love now

“Thanks for using TGActive, you will soon be in new body that will suit you” that the last thing I remember from my last life, all I remember is this line I read long time ago when I someone else, someone I don’t care about anymore. My name is Jenna, at last this is my name now, this is not my original body this app on my phone or at last the one I used to have before I deleted it, I don’t need it anymore, or maybe I don’t want to go that option of getting your old life back 1 Million Point I want to cut all way back home, I want this to be my real life, There no way out of your real life, if you have one you will think of getting out all the time and will never take the life you have right now seriously. Last time I saw the app I used it to buy (Forget your old life 50k Points) so cheap I still have over 300k after that, I deleted the app (The app can’t be downloaded again to the same user, this decision will take all remaining points you have) no regrets, no regrets at all. This is the man who made me want to be like this forever Dave, He is so cool and lovely, The body I take was a coworker of his, she never talk to him that much before beside “hi” and “Hello” but then I become her and I said “Hi” a lot and ask him out. All I wanted is sex for the points’ nothing more, I didn’t want it to look weird, so I dated him for 2 weeks first then I got what I want … sex, so much sex, it was good and I forgot the points who need points.

I was keeping as many points as I can for the 1 million point I need to be my old me again, but one option made me want to use more than any other (Forget your old life 50k Points) Who will do that? Maybe because I didn’t want to ruin this woman life and make into a slut by sleeping with every single man out there to get the points fast and date a guy made me this way, I start likening this guy I start liking this life and the sex … oh god the sex the feeling of the man penis getting inside you is overwhelmingly pleasant … and I love the moment before it get inside you … it teasing you rubbing the gateway to your hole pushing slowly then like a tiger attacking his pray push and push inside you so hard.

Was it my fault that I was talking to Dave each day not just about sex but about my life about Movies I love old movies and old cartoons, there was so many nights when we watch Netflix at my place or his and not sex, I didn’t want him to think I’m weirdo who only care about sex I want to be smart about it, but that lead to me fall I love with a man … Dave, I love Dave I don’t want to leave Dave.

So I think it understandable I wanted to cut my tie with my old life, Now I don’t remember what it was, was I a man or a woman, was it good life? If it was why will I leave it then? Dave. All that because I didn’t want this woman to be a slut, I wanted it to be safe and slow and here I’m In love, I don’t know what happened to this woman now, is she stuck as me now, Did I did the wrong thing by taking her life away from her?

Maybe but this my life now… My story now… My Dave now.

My Blog

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App M2F Porn Romance sex TG TGCaption TGCaptions TGActive